Saturday, June 22, 2013

Keywords: Rage

Anyone who reads this blog will soon learn that I love building aggressive decks; naturally, "rage" was the keyword that really captured my attention.

Since rage is a new concept (not found in MTG anyway), I'm going to try my hand at deconstructing the keyword and looking at some of the more interesting rage troops.

Rage in Magic terms would be: "whenever this creature attacks, put a +1/+0 counter on it." Magic hasn't done a lot like "rage," you can check out a few similar cards here (+1/+1 counters when attacking), but it isn't a common thing. Troops that get progressively more powerful, without even spending resources, can easily become solid threats.

 (Edit 9/27/2013: This guy is now called Throat Cutter, the Mountain God is now a different card)
Claw of the Mountain God: This guy follows the old magic tradition of being a "lord" for his creature type. Not only does he make all your Orcs better (including himself), he is literally the best "rage" Orc spoiled so far (anyone want to challenge that?). The closest runner up that I can see is Wrathseeker, but I'm not so crazy about that one toughness and no synergy stuff. Get a couple of those 2/1 for (1) orcs out, maybe a Blood Harbinger (great card) and your opponent better have some chump blockers or the damage is going to get out of control fast.

Thunderbird: This is my favorite card spoiled so far. I'm serious. Sapphire isn't exactly the beat-down color (are we calling them colors??). First of all, when he attacks on turn three, you already have a 2/1 flyer that costs (2), not bad! I mean, Magic is still printing them with drawbacks, although white has a few proper ones. This guy is still much more than that though; consider this, by turn 7, if he isn't blocked or disrupted in any way, you'll have done 20 damage. Will the bird pull 20 damage? Probably not. This bird isn't great because he can kill a guy in 7 turns, but because he is a threat that must be answered; so they have to trade a card to deal with him and on the off chance they can't, he might win you the game.

Rune Ear Commander: He is kinda a weaker, green, bunny version of Stromkirk Noble. First turn he is a 0/1 blocker, second turn you get a 1/1 attacker, and third turn you get a 2/1 attacker. Since Shin'hare can buff each other, this guy could get the needed defense to actually get a few attacks in, giving him greater potential. Overall though I'm not a big fan of the Shin'hare so far, they just seem to be too synergy dependent and slow to ramp up. Getting a 2/1 for (1) after attacking twice (and surviving) is pretty bad. Samurai bunnies that reproduce in combat are too cool to ignore though; maybe we'll get a few more exciting bunny spoilers soon.

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